Natural Sciatica Home Remedies and How to Prepare Them!

garlic milk for sciatica

Use milk (110 ml) and garlic (4 cloves) to prepare this concoction.

The antioxidant of garlic will help in deactivating the harmful free radicals in the body. Also, it provides energy and warmth. Garlic milk is prepared in both cooked and uncooked states. The raw state is quite potent, wherein the milk is made by including the crushed garlic pulp in buffalo milk (uncooked). You can use milk (110 ml) and garlic (4 cloves) to prepare this concoction. Another option is to boil milk along the garlic. This will give relief from Sciatica. Alternatively, you can chop 3 – 4 pieces of garlic and combine it with mustard oil (50 mg). Heat this mixture ‘till garlic turns semi-red in color. Use the warm oil to massage the painful areas. If you are on anticoagulant medications or you have ulcers or bleeding disorders then avoid taking garlic.


This is another effective Sciatica remedy. Saponin present in nutmeg helps in easing the pain. The coarsely powdered nutmeg is fried in sesame (gingelly) oil until becomes brown. After cooling, the oil with nutmeg is used to massage the painful areas.


This is the best remedy for Sciatica. The alkaline property of lemon helps in curing the problem effectively. Drinking lemon juice regularly prevents the deposition of uric acid in the tissues.

Mustard Oil

Heat mustard oil (3-4 tbsp.). Fry crushed 2-3 cloves of garlic and blend it with carom seeds (1 tbsp.). Add this to the hot mustard oil. Once the mixture is cooled, use it to massage the area, which gives quick relief from pain.

Aloe Vera

The leaves of the plant have powerful medicinal properties. They are used to curve various ailments including Sciatic pain. The pulp obtained from the leaves should be consumed daily to get relief.


The juice prepared from potato and celery leaves provide relief from Sciatica, when taken in minimum amounts of about 10 ounces every day. Including beetroots and carrots to this juice will help in enhancing its taste and strength. Consuming celery tea several times in a day is also beneficial.

Ginger Powder

Dried ginger powder (1 gram) and long pepper (pipli powder) is mixed with castor oil (10 ml). This mixture must be taken twice every day.


Tea or juice of elderberries can help in relaxing the muscles effectively, which in turn will relieve the pain caused due to this condition.

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