Evening Primrose Oil for Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

Evening Primrose Oil
Evening primrose oil for neuropathy

Evening Primrose Oil (EPO).

Evening primrose is a wildflower that grows throughout the United States. Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) is found in the plant’s seeds, and is high in the essential fatty acid gamma-linolenic acid (GLA)[1]. Gamma linolenic acid (GLA) has been shown in studies to prevent the deterioration of diabetic neuropathy and, in some cases, even reverse the condition. It is recommended to take 500 to 1,500 mg of Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) daily[2].

Other Natural Treatments to Lower Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy Pain

B Vitamins

Diabetic peripheral neuropathy patients are often low in this nutrient which can worsen the condition. Eat foods rich in B-Complex vitamin such as poultry, fish, meat and eggs[3].

Alpha Lipoic Acid

An anti-inflammatory clinically proven to improve diabetic pain, burning, numbness and other symptoms of diabetic neuropathy as well as insulin sensitivity[4].


Improves nerve function, stimulates nerve fiber regeneration and relieves diabetic pain. It is recommended to take 500 to 1,000 mg per day[2].

Chromium Picolinate

The most bio-available form, taking 600 micro-grams daily helps improve insulin sensitivity[5].


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The Peripheral Neuropathy Solution Program™ by Dr. Labrum
The Peripheral Neuropathy Solution Program™ is presented in six simple steps which anyone can easily do. Each step is explained in plain English and illustrated in clear, step-by-step detail. By employing these steps the neuropathy sufferer will enhance the health of their peripheral sensory nerves and the surrounding environment, thereby reducing the pain, numbness, tingling, and other symptoms characteristic of the condition. Measurable and usually dramatic improvement is reasonable to expect in just a short time upon following the program.

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