7 Natural Ways to Ease Back Pain

how water bottle for back pain

Hot water bottle for Back Pain.

Back pain is something most of us can identify with – we either experience chronic back pain from an injury or disease or we have experienced the discomfort due to overplaying the weekend warrior game. In either event, relief is the name of the game and popping a pill may not be the route to pain relief you wish to take or perhaps medicine has only brought you a little ease and you’re looking for an alternative pathway to freedom from back pain. Give these 7 natural ways to ease back pain a try and see how they work for you.

Relieve the Pressure

Ease the pain and relieve the pressure of sitting too long by standing up and doing this stretching exercise at least once every hour: Stand with your back against a wall, heels and shoulders pressed into the wall. Tilt your pelvis forward until the small of your back is pressed against the wall. Hold for 30 seconds, then release. Do this stretching exercise 5-10 times to relieve the pressure the spine has been under while in a sitting position and ease back pain.

Drink Water

Since you are standing up after doing the back stretches, walk over and get a drink of water. Increase the amount of water you drink each day until your urine is clear (not even the slightest bit yellow). When you’re dehydrated, toxins buildup in your bloodstream and cause muscle spasms. Your back has a multitude of muscles and quite often the spasms will occur there, especially if any back muscles have been compromised and are weakened.

Back-Friendly Footwear

What’s on your feet? If footwear has no arch support and/or the heel is too high or too low, it could be causing you back pain. If the foot arch is not supported or the heels are placed at an odd angle, it will throw the entire body out of balance. Your back tries to align everything up by tightening some muscles and loosening other and at the end of the day you will suffering with back pain. Wear shoes with a comfortable heel (no more than 2 inches) and slip an arch support insole into your shoes.

Vitamin D

If you are not getting enough vitamin D each day your body can not absorb and utilize calcium. Vitamin D and calcium deficiency means your bones and muscles are weakening due to lack of nutrients, leaving you in pain. Take a daily vitamin D supplement or spend 10 minutes in the sunshine each day (this cause the body to manufacture it’s own vitamin D) to ease back pain.

Sleep More

Sleep a little more each night to naturally ease back pain. It’s during sleep that your body is busy repairing itself and a few extra Z’s gives the body the down time it needs for repairs.

Slow Roll

When it’s time to get up out of the bed, do a slow roll to prevent stress and strain on back muscles. Roll onto your side at the edge of the bed, then hang feet over the edge and push up with your arms into a sitting position. This takes all the pressure off your back.

Relaxing Heat

Apply 20 minutes worth of heat to aching muscles to naturally ease back pain, A heating pad, hot water bottle, hot shower or bath relaxes tight muscles and speeds blood flow to the aching area and helps repair the pain-causing damage.

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